The Secret

Written By: Garfield Writes TWO “Open up sweetheart,”“No”“Open your mouth or I shove my thumb up to your throat!”My heart pounds hard against my ribcage. I am afraid that I have to do what he says or the pain will be much worse, plus his thumb always smells and tastes like sweat and dirt. I hate it when he puts it in my mouth. I have to brush my teeth constantly to get rid of the taste and even then I spend days with a constant wave of nausea and retching which makes me feel worse about myself.I shut my … Continue reading The Secret

The Secret

By Garfield Writes. ONE “What is your take on that? Eve asks me, but I know she would rather hear what Vinny has to say. We have been hanging out for a couple of hours, and I am getting bored. I decide to get a little experimental and stir things up. I secretly hope my evil plan will be accepted with open arms.“Honestly, I haven’t been listening to what you two are yapping about,” I say with a bored but intense look on my face. Eve gives me a slight side smile, amused at how arrogant I am. Vinny just … Continue reading The Secret

The Secret

INTRODUCTION BY: Garfield Writes I am a catalyst. I get into situations to either speed things up or slow them down, personally, I prefer the speedy approach. I do not like living life like ordinary people but I enjoy being a part of the many lives people create for themselves. I am a blender, blending into people’s lives so much so that they assume my presence, and ignore my influence in their lives. Doesn’t that sound exciting?? Only to me?? Ooh well! Anyway, I was being a catalyst when I decided to hang out with Vinny and Eve. We have … Continue reading The Secret


Hello,Have you ever seen the bottom part of a rat’s feet? It has nothing to do with what I want to write about but you should ruin your day by looking them up…. I know I have been very silent, and maybe most of you haven’t noticed but I have been struggling with the worst case of writer’s block any writer can possibly suffer from. I’m even starting to doubt if I am a writer or it was just a short phase of stringing words together. People have inquired what I do for a living and I always open with … Continue reading LITTLE PIECES


Loving you is fucking me up, I hate you too, you know, But my heart calls out to you like a siren. Loud and unstoppable. My calm and thunderstorm all wrapped up in you, Pretty and dark, like some delicious dark chocolate, Full of promises and dreams. Disaster and solution I find in you, damn it!! All I want is to fight, fight for my freedom. To have my heart to myself not to get hurt by you. I know those that we love the most, hurt us the worst. I cannot handle the worst, I am blind, But I … Continue reading SENSIT…..NOT!

Charlie, The Wallflower

Written by Garfield Writes. I always see people write book reviews, and I enjoy how they translate every character and theme, how they capture the essence of the book in their own words and make it their own. I have never attempted to do a book review because I feel I would have so many scattered thoughts and points that it would end up all muddled up, hard to follow, and disinteresting. I like keeping my thoughts about books I read to myself because I suspect I am a little too nuts in this little head. However, I felt different … Continue reading Charlie, The Wallflower


Written by Garfield Writes Author’s Note: this chapter has Angie’s POV as opposed to previous chapters. Be clear on what you want and also be aware of all the other stuff that comes along with keeping it!! #stolen #perfect! ANGIE’S POV “I always find myself comparing you to my ex….” “don’t!” Brandon says very authoritatively but I need to tell him this. “It is a good thing lemme finish,” I say high-pitched as I stroke his head. He has his head on my laps after we made love, yeah! We made love for the first time in such a long … Continue reading ANGIE 7


Written by Garfield Writes Angie was determined to take back her life and be free from the crashing waves of anxiety and suicidal thoughts. She was done harming her body and letting people; Brandon treat her however he saw fit. She was done with being a spare wheel. Do you know how the drivers treat spare wheels? They are always dusty, rusty and forgotten until the proper functioning tire busts. That is when the spare is remembered and used for a short period until a new better-improved wheel is bought. Most people are spare wheels in their lovers’ lives. Angie … Continue reading ANGIE 6


written by Garfield Writes. If it’s wrong, why does it feel right? Hurt, drowning, and unable to save myself. My ego is bruised, my thoughts dark. My nights never seem to end, for the sunlight hasn’t kissed my cheeks in weeks. I am wounded, but I can’t seem to let go of the sweetened poison I drink. I haven’t felt this confused in months, and it is a bittersweet experience. I feel Like I’m doing it wrong, but what is wrong in a world of uncertainties and unpredictability. Why can’t my frog turn into a prince? Why am I dumb … Continue reading MELANCHOLY 2

#5 PART 2

Written by Garfield Writes. ……… “Hold on!” Lewis stops us on our tracks, “where the hell do you think you are heading to?” I boldly declare I am headed to my house but he simply drags us to a separate table from the rest. I am puzzled but curious to find out what he is up to. Ryan just mouths to me ‘I’m sorry’. Lewis starts to give a speech as he shoves us down the soft cushion pub seats, the ones curved out from drums. “I won’t let you two get out of here without having a proper talk. … Continue reading #5 PART 2